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Success Stories

What Amazing Transformations Are Possible For You?

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"Krista has helped me to transform my life. In one session she did for me what years of therapy had not accomplished. I was able to overcome my self defeating beliefs and reconnect to many great truths about who I am. I was able to release the grip that childhood trauma held over my life. I no longer suffer from depression, and now am able to live a life full of joy. My life and mind are experiencing a peace which I never imagined possible. Krista is warm, compassionate and understanding. She makes me feel not only heard, but understood. She is a gifted healer and I highly recommend her to everyone seeking to improve themselves or their life."

Amanda Cross


"Krista is genuine! She shares her own experiences and struggles, reassuring you that that you are beautiful and unique and with her guidance and tools you are able to find that YOU again. Her inspiration and passion is so contagious you just want to be more like that beautiful energy that she is. She offers you tools and guidance to help you find what you are searching for if you Choose to work on yourself, and take that first step by signing up for a class or have a session with Krista. I have been working with Krista over the last few years. Her knowledge and guidance have been instrumentally beneficial, not only for me, but for my entire family. We feel very blessed to have Krista part of lives. Call Krista, have a session, one on one or distant healing, take one of her courses... it will be life changing." 

Pat Koehler


"I have been lucky enough to not only have had a number of, for lack of a better term, transformative theta healing sessions with Krista, but also just recently completed the basic theta healing course with her. Since starting my Theta journey with Krista my brain literally does not work the same, in the best way possible. I am clearer, more in tune and aligned then I’ve been, well, ever. Whether you’re looking for clarity in your life, and help in releasing old, unserving patterns and traumas or if you’re looking to learn how to witness those changes in your own clients, Krista is the girl to talk to. I cannot recommend her services enough."

Nicole Carradine


"I first found Theta Healing at a time when I was struggling greatly with severe adult acne. I had tried to heal my acne through: medications, natural herbs and remedies, Reiki, etc. and yet nothing seemed to help to heal it. I would see small improvements but not lasting change. The acne dramatically affected my self-esteem and self-worth.  


I connected with Krista who taught me how to access my subconscious mind to identify and release the limiting beliefs and programs that were creating my acne. Since finding Theta Healing, I have healed my acne completely, I have had successful romantic relationships, which I had not had previously, I have more money and have recently purchased my first home. To say that my self-esteem, self-worth and self-love have improved would be an understatement.


I am now living a life of abundance and gratitude. Theta Healing has changed my life in such a profound way. I have taken the Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, You and Your Significant Other and Game of Life courses with Krista as well as completing individual sessions. I would highly recommend Theta Healing with Krista for anyone who is looking for changes in their life and immediate results!"


Cynthia Miller


"Krista is a gifted healer; she is intuitive, compassionate and gets to the heart of the matter with healing modalities that remove blocks and belief systems that have long been submerged in the subconscious. If you are looking to experience a profound shift in mind/body/spirit and expand into your full potential, I highly recommend Krista to help you tap into your greatness and freedom!"

Pamela Gerrand


"Theta Healing with Krista Hurley has helped create huge positive shifts in my life. Krista has assisted me with connecting to my inner child and with letting go of deep limiting core beliefs about myself. I no longer respond by shutting down in fear, in attempts to protect myself. Now that I have the tools to connect in the Theta state, I know at my core know that I'm truly safe. I've notice shifts in my energy. I feel more high vibrational. I am more grounded, more present. I am more comfortable feeling my feelings as they arise. I highly recommend working with Krista." 

Lisa Elzinger


"Krista is amazing! Just being in her presence makes me feel better! She is so wise and intuitive; it seems she has an answer for every question you may have. Krista radiates joy, calm and positivity. Her manner is easy, gentle but also strong and confident. Krista is a role model for everyone: to be kind, accepting and loving, while enjoying life to the fullest. Krista is one of the best professionals I’ve worked with. One session with her results in so much personal progress. I highly recommend working with Krista. She is someone who can help people in so many different ways...and loves doing it."

Jessica Drennan

"Many years ago, while struggling with anxiety and at the encouragement of a friend, I visited Krista to learn about EFT. While there, I also had my first ThetaHealing experience with her. I've used the EFT tools she taught me with myself and my children for years, but have always felt drawn to learn more from Krista. I signed up for her Souls Inspired Masterclass when it was first launched. I felt so much positive shifting happening in my life from this, that I decided to take the leap and become a ThetaHealing student of Krista's. To say my life has transformed with Krista's guidance is an understatement. With utmost gratitude and love!"

Karri Sonke


"Krista is a kind and compassionate holistic practitioner, who has the ability to support her clients with various healing modalities. Krista's ability to connect with her clients and to discover and heal root issues through modalities such as Theta Healing is incredible! For anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, sadness or a feeling of being lost in this world, I highly recommend booking a session with Krista ( She can work with clients on so much more, those are just a few that came to mind)! She is a true gift to this world as she continues to share the amazing healing power we all hold within!"

Tara Finnigan - Local Organics Seaforth

"Krista is a natural teacher as well as healer. She is focused, warm and has exemplary capacities to transform anyone in her presence. She is a game changer with her awareness and total allowance of life. I found her simply amazing. I experienced drastic improvements in my hearing abilities. It seemed effortless for her to facilitate such a miracle. Thank you Krista!"

Jean Denning

"Krista helped me get through a dark time in my life with the loss of my husband using Theta Healing. She showed me that by changing my beliefs I could become a much stronger and healthier person. Krista has shown me how to move forward in my life to the point I decided to take her Theta classes something I am extremely happy I did. I would highly recommend Krista as I wouldn't be where I am without her" "

Angela Martin

"Krista is a gifted and intuitive healer. She has a warm energy and pairs that with an honest approach that is effective and helpful. I always leave a session with Krista feeling lighter and empowered. She has a natural way of bringing perspective to situations that are keeping you stuck and is always dedicated to helping to bring you into the energy of light, love, and truth.

Kristy Illman

"The Basic DNA Theta Healing course with Krista Hurley reached beyond my expectations. Her years of experience is evident as she inspiringly shares her great wealth of knowledge. Krista is very patient, kind and easy to listen to. She sends light, love and healing to all as she helps each person on their own individual journey to facilitate healing. I was amazed by all the healings and downloads I received while taking this course. Krista is able to support each individual learner and the vast hands-on practise and experience was invaluable. I highly recommend this course, it is truly a life-changing experience and I am so grateful to Krista for sharing her knowledge. I completed the course with confidence to facilitate Theta Healing in others.  I am very grateful to Krista for sharing this healing modality!" 

Peggy Sloan

"I am grateful that the universe has aligned me with Krista. She is an amazing healer. She has the ability to hold space for individual growth. The wisdom she holds from her own life experience and her openness to share personal growth is a characteristic I admire. She has helped me believe more in my own ability to listen to my inner guidance and intuition. I highly recommend making time to learn from Krista."

Pauline Koert

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