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Souls Inspired MasterClass

With Krista Hurley

Your monthly membership for your Soul!

Have you tried the law of attraction before and feel like you’re spinning your wheels?


Are you looking to elevate your business and life consistently all year round?

Do you wonder what limiting beliefs might be holding you back?

Would receiving weekly guidance and monthly healings inspire you to live your truth 

to create better results?

I used to long for positive lasting change, and since starting to regularly practicing the Theta Healing technique, I have completely transformed my life!


I've over come years and years of depression and anxiety, chronic bloating and digestive issues, eating disorders, grief, and back pain. I've learned to love myself, know my self worth, step into my souls' purpose, and connect to my inner guidance.


 And now my passion is helping others do the same!

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This membership isn't like any others

Only here will you be able to connect with the energy, wisdom, and guidance of Krista Hurley.


Commit to rapid changes with the tools, downloads and  healings she will facilitate with you.


1. A monthly masterclass (first Monday evening of the month - 8:30 pm EST via Facebook live & Zoom)
There will be a new inspiring theme each month,  to help you clear limiting beliefs around this topic. The call will include "downloads", live healing sessions,  visualizations, an opportunity to ask related questions.  Recordings will be available.

2. During "Message Mondays", I will share the message I receive for the Facebook group. I will answer what it is that you need to hear to create the most joy, love, abundance and growth in your life now.

3. You will have access to a supportive, positive community of soul family members to celebrate and support you along your journey.



Here's What You Need To Know:

As a monthly member of the Souls Inspired Master Class,  

you will receive continued soul support through:

Stop Searching

Your search for the way to get out of feeling stuck is over.

The tools provided by in this master class will help you access those deep subconscious blocks that are preventing you have having and being all that your desire.


Take The Leap Forward!

What amazing possibilities are you able to receive by committing

to yourself and this incredible membership?!

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