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What if you could quickly cut through your deep rooted fears & limiting beliefs,

 Raise your core vibration, to attract in your dreams NOW?


Receive more abundance, more joy, more love, more ease

Without waiting years to make it happen!!!!

Learn incredibly transformational tools and strategies, experience new perspectives & deep subconscious shifts to create a life you love with ease and excitement. 

Learn to manifest more of everything you desire today!

Stop waiting​. Take a leap of faith.

Start living a more joy filled, abundant life now!

Digital Work

By the end "Manifest More" this incredible 6 week program to unlock the keys to manifesting, you can expect to:

•    Become crystal clear on what it is you really want and why.

•  Enhance your capacity to receive all that you truly want by releasing deep subconscious fears and limiting beliefs to reprogram your manifestation set point.

•    Become validated on the deepest levels that you are loveable, that you are deserving and capable of manifesting of your wildest dreams!

•    Know with certainty on what to do when doubts and "contradictory evidence" surface when achieving your stretch goals and dreams.

•    Raise your core vibration, by first healing past low vibrational experiences and the resulting feelings (shame/guilt/resentment etc.) to shift into gratitude.

•    Shift your self-image to align with your goals and deepest desires.


The 5 Modules Will be Released Over a 6-Week Period to include an integration week. Join us for our first class Tuesday, November 5th!

When you enrol in 

"Manifest More" with Krista Hurley you’ll get:

•    A weekly hour long class online with Krista ~Tuesdays at 8:30 PM EST, beginning November 5th. Replays are available incase the time or a day doesn't work for you!

•    Daily activities or practices to deepen your manifestations and transformations.

•    Meet online every Thursdays at @12:30 for a 30 minute Q and A session with Krista

•    Access to our incredible community of “Mega Manifesters” through our Facebook group

•    A BONUS group energy healing session facilitated by Krista during the final class!

Yoga by the Ocean

Unlock The Keys to Manifesting

Join"Manifest More" with Krista Hurley Today!



Book TODAY to receive a BONUS a 30 minute 

Laser focused healing session with Krista Hurley

Offered to the first 12 people that register!

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I’ve experienced first hand what it feels like to transition from living a life where life is just happening to you. I wasn't in the drivers seat; I was purely reacting to the situations happening around me. I didn't realize that I had an influence on shifting out of the ways I felt stuck!


I knew that I needed new ways of thinking, (because what you think and feel you create more of! - likes attract likes) but I didn't have the tools or perspectives to do so.

Fast forward 7 years and I've received the tools to manifest my wildest dreams and utilized them to shift out of pessimistic thinking. I have completely healed from depression, my past divorce, chronic bloating, and total self-criticism and shifted into a life that is more magical than I ever thought possible. 

Life can be happening with you and for you in the most magical ways when you learn the art of manifesting.  You can actually do create your own reality! 


To share one example, I set the intention to attract in $10 000, to take theta healing courses. $1000 literally showed up the next day in the most unique way!  I manifested the additional 9K that summer through an inspiration I received to rent out my home through Air BNB. With the right tools, your desires begin to show up like magic. 

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