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Krista Hurley
Hey! I'm Krista Hurley,

Alternative Therapies Practitioner and Educator, 

dedicated to assist you leap into your fullest potential:

A joy-filled, purpose driven experience of optimal health and limitless love!


How? Together we'll intuitively discover the "root causes" of your conditions or life challenges, and resolve the associated negative experiences and limiting beliefs. 


From this new place, you'll tap more deeply into your authentic self and into more unconditional love,

creating significant improvements in your body, mind, heart and soul. 

Working together with me will provide you with transformative tools, techniques and experiences to help Illuminate Your Life!


If you had access to transformative tools and techniques that could quickly create significant improvements in your life, would you be ready to "yes" to deep, positive change?

What amazing possibilities could be available for you now?



Theta Healing Practitioners' Classes


Access Consciousness Bars Certification

Monthly Online Breathwork Sessions


Drinking Cacao

Mix. Drink. Vibe. Fly

Cacao is a sacred plant-medicine that invites us into heart - centered intentional living.

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Theta Healing 
Reconnective Healing
Access Consciousness Bars

Access Energetic Facelift
Emotional Freedom Technique

Crystal Visioning

Jikiden Reiki

Integrative Breathwork


Breathwork with Krista


So many of us are looking to free ourselves from the burden of our niggling thoughts and emotional baggage, but we simply don’t have the tools to get there. There’s one key element that will always help you go deeper within, and that’s your breath.


Breathwork has the capacity to help you bypass the logical mind to create a doorway to suppressed feelings and experiences held within the subconscious mind, to connect to spiritual realms, and to higher levels of consciousness and wisdom. With every session you shift deeper into experiencing your true self, and into experiencing pure present moment awareness.


During a conscious connected breathwork session you simply breathe, connecting your inhale to your exhale in circular relaxed breath, while listening to a powerful musical playlist and inspirational, transformational prompts for a period of 30-50 minutes. When you breathe in this manner, you will enjoy a  journey of deep inner discovery and transformation!

Breathe with Krista Monthly!

What major changes in your life could be possible if you were to commit to a regular breathwork practice?
The compound effects of consistently choosing self-loving tools that encourage present moment living are remarkable. The breath is your medicine. With every exhale, you begin to let go of anything and everything that is holding you back from stepping deeper into a life you love. 

You are invited to join us live online once every four weeks to breathe together and to transform together! Each call will begin at 8:00 pm and run for about 75 minutes.

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You will have access to the recording of each call to utilize for future

breathes. I invite you to commit to a 6 month breathwork membership:

**** Pay in full now and save the HST -  $198.00

Or send an e-transfer of $198 to

If paying monthly is preferred, please email Krista at to set up a monthly payment plan.

~ $33 CDN plus HST - $37.29 per month for 6 months. 

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I was first lead to alternative therapies in 2011, at a time when I was feeling incredibly stuck in my life. I was struggling with anxiety and depression (and had been for a decade) as well as working through grief from a recent divorce. I suffered from disordered eating and body image issues, and I was frustrated with my many failed attempts to "fix" my chronic bloating and back pain. I believed that happiness was impossible for me, and my experiences confirmed it. 

With access to alternative tools and techniques, I was able to identify and resolve the negative experiences of my past and change my subconscious programs to align with my deepest desires. And as a result, my life, my consciousness, and my vibration have completely changed! My depression and anxiety are a thing of the past and I am truly happy. I rarely eat emotionally, and my chronic bloating and back pain are gone. I’ve reconnected to my gifts as an intuitive, choosing to live a life in flow, that is guided by awareness and inner knowing.  


I’ve spent the past decade of my life helping my clients and students align with ALL that they are to catapult into a life they love, igniting new passions and possibilities using tools from a number of modalities: Theta Healing, Integrative Breathwork, Access Consciousness, Jikiden Reiki, EFT, and Reconnective Healing.


 I graduated from the University of Western Ontario where I studied Kinesiology, Psychology, and Education. I am a proud and loving mother to my two daughters.



Stratford, ON

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